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Attia Bano

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Ms Attia Bano is a founder, director and the principle solicitor of Diplock Solicitors Limited. She supervises a team of dedicated solicitors, trainees and caseworkers spread throughout the firm’s four branches, all of whom are equipped with considerable expertise in immigration, family, Property and civil litigation law.

 She is a Grade “A” solicitor, who qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales in 2011. She is also qualified to practice law outside the UK’s jurisdiction, as a High Court lawyer in Pakistan since 2008 and is fluent in Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi.

 She is a very innovative and self-motivated solicitor, having experience in various areas of law. Attia has a deep understanding and vast knowledge of the complexities that arise in areas of law, particularly Immigration, Asylum, Human Rights, Family, Property Law and Civil Litigation, which she uses to create the best legal solutions to resolve the issues.

 She uses her legal knowledge and experience to give her clients educated advice, catered to their individual legal issues.

Due to her easy-going nature, honesty and straight-forward approach, many of her clients are instantly at ease in confiding their most confidential problems with her, thus creating a strong rapport between client and solicitor.

 Prior to establishing Diplock Solicitors, Attia had been working in various other law firms as an immigration and family solicitor.

 Her aim to work in the best interest of people is at the core of her ethical compass and continues to shape her vision for the future. She strives to achieve this in all her areas of speciality.

She has substantial experience in the management and development of businesses. She has played an integral role in the management and strategic development of the practice since its creation and has been responsible for defining the ethos and moral basis of the Company as a firm with a public conscience. Her future aim is to direct and move the company forwards to the open corporate structure and management necessary for the UK’s best law firms.

 Throughout her career, Attia’s commitment to provide high quality legal advice and services to the public has never wavered and she remains a diligent and passionate professional to this da.